Chapeltown Arts spreads its wings

We may have seemed a bit quiet in recent times but we have been working on several projects and collaborations for 2017 and looking at our long term future.

You may have noticed that we are now Chapeltown Arts (Ltd). As Chapeltown Arts Festival we ran 3 very successful festivals with the main aim of inclusivity for Chapeltown Artists, community residents and community groups. Since 2013 we have received funding and support from numerous organisations including Chapeltown Developments Trust, East North East Well-being Fund, Leeds Inspired, East Street Arts and the Arts Council reaching over 3000 people and working with over 150 artists. Now in our 4th year our creativity continues to develop we are moving forward to another chapter with a renewed commitment to the arts as a tool to engage communities.

Changing the name of the organisation has moved us into a place where we are now planning events and projects that happen throughout the year and also collaborating and working with the whole of Leeds and Yorkshire (all of the UK and the world even!). Our remit has widened with a view to a more sustainable outlook.

The name change is not the only thing that is different. We have worked with the 3rd year (2016/2017) Graphic Design and Art students at Leeds Beckett University to produce an eye-catching new logo for Chapeltown Arts. We think it is fab. What do you think?

Chapeltown Arts logoChapeltown Arts logoChapeltown Arts logoChapeltown Arts logo

The smart student that won us over with his design was Charles Pons:
‘I’m a graphic designer with an interest in language and identity – two concepts which form the backbone of my work. I believe in the relationship between aesthetic, form and concept, and strive within my work to create a connection between them.’

Charles Pons –

Check out his website. We have high hopes for him. Excellent work!

Projects 2017

We are working on the following projects for this year, briefly:

Chapeltown Word Junction – 9th September 2017. We have partnered with Reginald Centre Library and Leeds Beckett University to deliver this event.

2 x Photography workshops with children in school and adults in the community. – Look out for dates in August and September 2017

Community Visual Art Workshops in the community with local artists. – Look out for dates coming up soon.

Celebrating Mandela, 8th July 2017 – partnering with RJC Dance to run a small arts and craft event.

Most of the above are themed around Leeds West Indian Carnival which is in the 50th year we are happy to be celebrating this wonderful event.

For the long term we have a pottery project in our plans. Details of this to follow as the year progresses.

Chapeltown Arts remain committed to working with volunteers and new and willing members are always welcome on the planning group.

If you would like to be involved in any way please get in touch our email address is: